Smirnoff Recipe Memes

We partnered with BuzzFeed to produce a series of fun, relatable sponsored posts, inviting fans to toast to the most buzzed about events of 2013 with a signature Smirnoff cocktail, inspired by listicle content. 

The campaign resonated with our audience, tallying more than 220,000 article views (110% of the BuzzFeed benchmark), 222,000 engagements and social lift 6,400% above benchmark.

Party it Forward

Smirnoff's "Exclusively for Everybody" campaign centered all around the ultimate house party, hosted by Adam Scott, Alison Brie and Ralph Macchio. 

We wanted to give fans a little piece of the action – and keep the party going – with "Party it Forward," an idea that served as a way for consumers to score actual swag from the party, inspiring house parties of their own. We gave away stuff like Adam Scott's robe, a "party" gong, a party lamp, a party ficus, 50 random cups, Uber rides, maid services and more, with every giveaway teasing the new campaign and getting fans excited to party.