Clinique was launching their first matte lip color line, Pop Matte, and needed a digital campaign that could live across global markets and disrupt their "skincare-only brand" image (re: get women to consider Clinique when shopping for color cosmetics).  

We developed the idea of "pop-boxing," Clinique chic meets street-style-beatboxing, inspiring fans to turn up the volume with a new kind of a matte. We worked with Kaila Mullady in the studio (female beatboxing champion of the world) to create an original track. Then we taught our model how to lip sync the sounds while wearing different shades of Pop Matte. 

Tapping into the trend where fans call out their "current #mood," we created a suite of assets (hero video, shorter cut-downs, gifs and stills) for social, and an interactive soundboard for Clinique.com where users could play different lips/sounds and see the new matte in action.

Pop Matte Case Study

Pop-boxing in action

Pop Matte Takeover via Clinique Instagram