Dell needed a back-to-school campaign that would get teens excited about their newest suite of student-friendly laptops and 2-in-1s. Knowing that Gen-Zers are constantly seeking ways to innovate, expedite and find clever ways to do ordinary things, we developed #LearnItShareIt—a social platform that asked teens to share their smartest/coolest/funniest/wackiest ideas for the chance to bring it to life with Dell technology.

We partnered with the likes of JennXPenn, Jack + Jack, Isabella Rose Taylor, and other popular teen influencers, and crafted challenges which they then posed to their fans and followers via YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. The result? Dell received more positive engagement from teens than ever before, with 10K+ idea submissions from teens all over the world.

JennXPenn's Dell Back-to-School Challenge

Jack & Jack's Dell Back-to-School Challenge



Teens were encouraged to submit their ideas by tagging @Dell and using #learnitshareit and #contest. Below are actual submissions from real teens —


We were tasked with elevating Dell in the social space by developing a new brand STOV. The result? Some pretty fun — and informative! — content that worked to show Dell in a new light, and build brand affinity. 

Microseries / Top Tech Trends

General Content

Awards/Product Content (Due to their'chest-thumping' nature, these required more playful, creative copy–and competitive digs when possible.)

Holiday Listen & Respond

To garner awareness around the holidays, we took to Twitter and surprised fans with real-time personalized messages. War room-style, we crafted the tweets based on profiles, likes and interests—essentially anything and everything that would create the most engaging response in a very short amount of time. The idea was less about pushing product, and more about building brand affinity. And yes, it involved some pretty serious lurking.