A goodbye email to my co-workers…



Clinique needed a global digital campaign to launch their new BIY Pigment Drops, concentrated drops that you add to any moisturizer to create a custom-fit foundation. It was a new, innovative product that required a somewhat educational approach. We developed the idea of #myBIY — one part visual recipe, two parts quick hit how-to to demonstrate the endless variety of looks one could create with this new makeup must-have, while promoting shareability.

We created one :30 hero video, three :15 videos, and a bunch of gifs and stills to feature even more #myBIY recipes, along with shade and coverage possibilities. 

CLINIQUE: Even Better Skin

Clinique wanted to relaunch their Even Better skincare franchise in Asian markets with a program that would highlight their new regimen of products and reinforce the idea of "dedication." 

We created a 28-day digital planner, providing a "bright start" to Even Better skin.

I ideated and wrote for each of the 28-pieces of content — each day a different tip, trick, recipe or product. We also featured a UGC (user-generated content) component as a way to reward fans for sharing their Even Better skin secrets, and drive fans to/from social channels to/from our campaign hub.


Breyers Gelato wanted a digital campaign that would encourage sharing amongst older, "Moms + Dads" of America to launch their new line of flavors. We developed a series of product-focused cinemagraphs that would encourage tags and sharing under the idea, who are you spooning tonight?